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Raga Shree – the Styles of Zakiruddin and Allabande / Rahimuddin Khan Dagar

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Dhrupad Maestros of the Dagar Family (ca 1918)An interview with Ustad Rahimuddin Khan Dagar by musicologist S K Saxena in which Rahimuddin Khan talks about his teachers and illustrates the styles of his Uncle Zakiruddin Khan and his father Allabande Khan using phrases of alap in Raga Shree. In the photos on the left clockwise from upper left are Zakiruddin Khan, Allabande Khan, Ziauddin Khan and Nasiruddin Khan (photo around 1918). Although progressively improving recording technology became available during their lifetimes, none of these singers were recorded, although Nasiruddin Khan and Ziauddin Khan certainly broadcasted on Radio. Digital processing can now given us wonderful restorations of recordings from the early 20th century. It is a matter of great regret that no one thought of persuading these singers thought by many to have been the last of their kind in Dhrupad to  record their music.

An excellent and very insightful contemporary account and analysis of their singing has been given by S. K. Choubey in his book Musicians I have met . Ustad Nasiruddin Khan by S K Choubey

An account of Zakiruddin Khan’s rendition of Raga Megh at the 1916 Baroda All India Music conference has been given by Atiya Begum Fyzee Rahamin in her book Sangeet of India 1942.

In the other photo Nasiruddin Khan sits with his cousin Ustad Ziauddin Khan.

Ustads Nasiruddin Khan and Ziauddin Khan Dagar

Ustads Nasiruddin Khan and Ziauddin Khan Dagar

Recording from the personal archives of Ashish Sankrityayan

CDS AND DVDS OF DHRUPAD ON CDBABY–  Miya Ki Malhar Abhogi and LalitYaman and Malkauns

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