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Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar – Jaijaiwanti Kanada

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Nasir Aminuddin DagarI have two recordings of Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar singing this chowtal composition in  Raga Jaijaiwanti Kanada – This one shows the melodic lines of the composition without tala or  pakhawaj accompaniment and is  from 1990 in Bhopal. The Raga being a blend of two Ragas has a complicated structure.  A version of this composition can also be found in the book Marifunnagamat, attributed by the author and compiler Muhammad Nawab Ali Khan to the Dhrupad singer Abban Khan of Saharanpur – a relative and disciple of Baba Behram Khan.

The second performace from a concert in Delhi in the 1980’s

CDs and DVDs  of Dhrupad on Cdbaby –  Miya Ki Malhar Abhogi and LalitYaman and Malkauns

Recording from the personal archives of Ashish Sankrityayan

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