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Dhrupad Chowtal – Raga Yaman – Ashish Sankrityayan

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This is a composition attributed to the legendary Dhrupad singer Tansen who sang in the court of Emperor Akbar… It is addressed to the Saki of Hauz-e-Kausar or the giver of nectar in paradise.. a term used by Sufi mystics  to describe the prophet..yet it makes a reference to the Hindu belief of  rebirth.  The singer declares himself to be a servant of the Saki of Hauz-e-Kausar since many births!!

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Dhamar – Lalit Ashish Sankrityayan

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Dhamar in Lalit – lyrics – eri paga phari bhijoungi – Ashish Sankrityayan – Pakhawaj Pt. Udhav Shinde – from a concert

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